The Company is a result of scientific research activities, primarily on how to organise the collaborative exchanges between the Principal and the Agent in large and complex projects. The research was summed up in a couple of books, where the text book “Prinsipper for bedre Innkjøp” (Principles of better Procurement) now being the main source of knowledge for Norwegian university students. The Company has delivered courses and training in Norway and UK based on this research.


The Company founder has lived a long life in a some of the largest energy industries holding different positions, performing practical procurement and project management. Strategies and ideas has been tested in the market, and learning from failures and successes has been collected. This experience is now offered to the market.

Ivar Brynhildsvoll

Experience from the Energy Industry.
Engaged in large international Projects.

Education: Lic. cand, MBA, Aviation Systems Engineer.

Mob: 9005 1878

Ann Høgman

Experience from the Oil & Gas Industry.
Interdisciplinary work in Petrochemical & Service Industry.

Education: BSc, Chemical Engineer.

Mob: 4141 3619